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Blister packaging is the perfect solution when you need your product to stand out in a tough market and stand up in a tough environment. Used globally in a nearly every industry, blister packs focus on colorful, well-designed branding that accentuates your product with a glossy, plastic case. We print custom backer boards that are the perfect finishing touch for blister packed products. Our state-of-the-art blister packaging process produces packages that are durable, transparent, and tamper-proof.

Blister packs are prized not only for their sleek appearance, but also for their incredible versatility. Blister packaging uses a heat sealing process that can be customized to allow for a variety of a display options. Whether your products sit on a shelf or hang from a rack, blister packaging is an adaptable process that accommodates a wide variety of commonly used products. From toys and electronics to household products and pharmaceuticals, blister packs ensure that your products are protected and ready for presentation.

Types of Blister Packs:

Blister Pack Advantages 
High-end quality Printed card is highly visible
Fully customizable Multiple items per pack
Protects and clearly displays product Readily accepted by retail outlets
Can hang or sit on shelves  
Blister packs offer a resilient, safe and economical packaging solution for an endless variety of products. At Printco, we use our own in-house blister packaging systems to ensure that each product is safely and securely packaged.

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