Special Inks and Coatings

UV inks are changing the industry.

Why? They're Brighter, Faster, & Healthier

Vivid colors

UV inks cure quickly so they do not soak into the paper the way that conventional inks are known to. This dramatic difference creates breathtakingly vibrant colors, even on uncoated stocks. Add a glossy UV coating to make your entire project "pop".

And because the drying time is negated, the colors you see during your press checks will not change as the inks dry (known as dry back).

Faster turn-times

Conventional inks take a minimum of 12 hours to dry before they can move onto the next stage of the process. UV inks are cured on-press - and because Printco has a full line of bindery and finishing options, this means your project never sits idle.

Environmentally-forward technology

Curing these special inks with ultra-violet lighting is revolutionary in that it produces no VOCs (volatile organic compound). Whether your printed piece is saved, recycled, or eventually thrown in a landfill, this clean process means it will not biodegrade in a harmful way.

Interested in more of our green options? Ask about our water-based (Aqueous) coatings, soy inks, and recycled-content paper stocks.

And the best thing about UV Inks?

The way it makes people go, "Oooooh!"

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Hundreds of Unique Special Coatings and Effects

Strike-Through Varnish
Combine spot dull varnish with either flood gloss UV or flood gloss Aqueous to create color effects that "pop" off the page.
Raised UV
Up to 5 millimeters of thickness, visible texture; best used as a spot effect.
Soft Touch Aqueous
A velvety, lux finish; this is tactile print at its best. Available as flood coverage.
Reticulated Varnish
Textured finish; visible when used with darker colors.
Available in multiple colors; spot coverage.
Pearlescent UV
A satin finish with shimmery luster; a soft and rich look.
Glitter Aqueous
A satin finish with lots of shine and shimmer; textured.
Tinted UV
UV coating colored with Pantone ink in gloss or matte, spot or flood.
Scented Varnish
Choose from dozens of scents; scent is released when rubbed.

At Printco, you have your choice of stocks, inks, and coatings on every piece. Contact us today to ask for samples of any of our coating options.

Standard (CMYK) Inks

Soy Ink

Traditional ink; eco-friendly, soy-based and VOC free.


Ultra-violet inks are more vivid, with superb print quality. VOC free.


Toner used in digital presses.

Specialty Inks


With more than 2000 Pantone® colors, these individual colors ensure a perfect color match.


Available in limited colors; ultra-bright Pantone® UV ink.


There are over 300 metallic Pantone® colors from which to choose; each with a metallic base.

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