What does Printco do?
As our slogan says, we are more than ink. It means that beyond being a commercial printer, we offer services above and beyond our valued customer's expectations. With Printco you get offset, web and digital printing plus bindery and finishing, design, fulfillment and shipping, packaging, direct mail - all under one roof.
How can I get a quote?
Contact one of our friendly Sales staff via sales@printcographics.com or call us at 402.593.1080. Once we have some basic information about you and your project, we are able to supply a bid.
What is the turnaround time for printed pieces?
Our average turnaround time is 5-7 business days following artwork approval. Contact us anytime for project-specific turn times.
What does Printco do to be eco-friendly?
Going green is important! Printco offers quality, eco-friendly options like recycled paper stock, soy-based ink and water-based coatings; we also support tree planting initiatives and recycle all waste paper.
Can I get samples of your work?
You bet! Contact your Sales Rep at sales@printcographics.com for printed samples.
Files and Proofs
What file types do you accept?
We prefer high resolution PDF files with fonts embedded. Click here for instructions.
We can also accept native files from Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, or QuarkXPress.
How do I submit my files?
The simplest way is to submit through FTP. Click here to send a file now.
You may also mail us your disks or e-mail your CSR or Sales Rep.
What type of files do you accept?
High resolution Adobe PDFs are the preferred file format. We accept InDesign, QuarkXPress, Acrobat PDF, Illustrator or Photoshop files via FTP, disk or email.
What should I do when I get my proof?
Review the proof carefully! Check for the following: spelling, grammar, document size, page count, font usage, images and type-flow.
What if I have a change to my proof?
If you have revisions, explain any changes when you contact your CSR. Printco is able to revise files, but this can and will increase the cost of printing, as well as adding additional turnaround time. Save time and money by making corrections (yes, even the small ones) yourself and sending revised files.
What if color is critical for my project?
Printco complies with G7 color standards to be sure our print and color quality is always at its best. Should you want to check color accuracy, feel free to contact your Sales Rep to schedule a press check.
What is a press check?
A press check is an on-site inspection of your printed piece and will require you to visit Printcos production floor before printing begins. Please note: Because Printco runs 24/7, press checks may be scheduled any time of day or night.
Products and Services
Can you design something for me?
Printco has a design department for any sized project. Ask your Sales Representative for a design time bid.
Do you print long and short runs?
Yes - depending on digital or offset output, we can print anywhere from 1 finished piece to 10 million pieces or more. Remember that with offset printing, the more you print, the more you save.
How does Direct Mail work?
For any postal questions contact us anytime at sales@printcographics.com. Note: Postage payments must be received prior to posting.
Billing and Payment
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Want to be billed? Just complete a credit application anytime online. Paperless billing is available upon request. To apply for paperless billing, download the Credit application and submit it to your sales rep.
Will I need to pay sales tax?
Printco Graphics collects sales tax from Nebraska customers. If you are exempt from sales tax, please furnish a tax exception certification ( Form 13 ).
What are overruns/underruns?
All printing orders are subject to quantity variation not to exceed 5% of the original order amount and will be considered acceptable for delivery.
When do you require payment?
Orders totaling $1000 or less shall require cash payment in full at the time the order is placed. For all orders totaling more than $1000, the payment terms are as follows:
  • 50% deposit on submission of order and balance payable on the delivery
  • invoiced after approved credit application submission
  • net 30 days on all established customers approved by Printco's credit department
Artwork Help
What is bleed?
Bleed is the term for printing that extends past the edge of the paper before trimming. For proper bleed, set design software at .125" to .25" of bleed. Extend backgrounds, artwork and images to this line throughout your printed piece. This will ensure that once the piece hits the trimmer, any slight variations in cutting will not mean that there are unsightly gaps of color along the edges of your piece.
How should I set up my design document?
Use Adobe InDesign or Quark Xpress. Set up your file to the final finished size with single pages. Use layers for non-printing or specialty items like die lines, perfs and varnish plates. Delete unused colors and any extraneous items from your pasteboard. Preflight your files using your design program's tools and settings.
What is four-color process?
Offset printing creates all colors by combining together cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). Set your artwork and color to CMYK for best four-color production.
What file types do you accept?
We highly recommend exporting high resolution 300 DPI print-ready PDFs from Adobe InDesign or Quark Xpress. We also accept high resolution .jpgs and/or native files.
What is a proof?
A proof is a visual simulation or test print of a print project; it is also an agreement between the customer and Printco. Proofs give the customer an opportunity to review and verify content, accuracy and quality before it goes to press.
What can you do to make sure your proof is accurate?
First, always provide high-resolution PDFs or packaged native files. Secondly, always be sure all your images are high-resolution and in CMYK format. Please remember: PDF proofs are a close representation of your final piece, but are NOT the best way to verify color accuracy. Computer monitors are RGB and can visually depict a broader range of colors than CMYK printing. Also, natural variations in a computer monitors brightness, contrast and color adjustment settings can affect the way a color appears.
What should I look for on the proof?
Customers should always check the following: spelling, grammar, document size, page count, font usage, images and type-flow.
Proofing Instructions
1. Review the proof very carefully.
2. Once you have reviewed the proof, immediately contact your Printco Customer Service Representative at sales@printcographics.com with either approval or revisions.

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