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At Printco, you have your choice of stocks, inks, and coatings on every piece. Contact us today to ask for samples of any of our coating options.

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What is aqueous coating?

An aqueous coating is a water-based coating applied to a printed piece to enhance the graphics with a matte or gloss finish. It provides added durability and protects the surface from scratches, fingerprints, dirt, and smudging.

What's the difference between an aqueous coating and UV coating?

Aqueous coatings are dried by hot air, UV coatings are almost instantly dried and cured by ultraviolet light. UV coatings are tougher and more slippery than aqueous. A ballpoint pen can be used to write on an aqueous coating, but not on most UV coatings. Gloss UV coatings can achieve a higher shine.

What is Flood UV coating?

A gloss or matte finish is applied to the entire printed piece. For this type of coating, a liquid is applied to the printed paper and exposed to an ultraviolet light which rapidly cures it and bonds it to the paper. UV coating adds durability and enhances the artwork.

What is spot UV finishing?

A gloss or matte UV finish can be applied to specific "spot" areas of the printed piece such as photographs and graphic images. For this type of coating a liquid is applied to the printed paper and exposed to an ultraviolet light which rapidly cures it and bonds it to the paper.


Coating Quick Tips


  • Printco also offers film laminate - applied after printing and available in various thicknesses.
  • We recommend coated stocks when using coatings; uncoated stock will absorb the coating.
  • The minimum paper weight when using Aqueous or UV coatings is 100# text weight.
  • Do you need to be able to write on the finished product? Choose dull aqueous or varnish for best results.
  • When designing your art to use spot coatings, use labeled layers in spot colors to denote where those spot coatings should be.
  • Using a Pantone® color? Be sure to indicate both the color's number and name (for example: PMS 3145 Turquoise).



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