Inks & Coatings


Standard Traditional ink; eco-friendly, soy-based and VOC free.
UV Ultra-violet ink is instant cure, super bright ink with superb print quality. VOC free.
Digital Toner used in digital presses.

Specialty Inks

PMS With more than 2000 Pantone® colors, these individual colors ensure a perfect color match.
UV PMS Available in limited colors; ultra-bright Pantone® UV ink.
Metallic There are over 300 metallic Pantone® colors from which to choose; each with a metallic base.

Standard Coatings

Aqueous Aqueous coating will protect your printed pieces from normal wear and tear. It is environment-friendly, being both water-based and VOC-free. Choose matte, satin or gloss; spot or flood coverage.
UV The perfect choice to stand out and be durable, UV coating offers more visible and thicker coverage. Choose matte or gloss; spot or flood coverage.
Varnish Our most economical option, varnish offers basic coverage. Great for precision spot coverage. Choose matte or gloss; spot or flood coverage.
Strike-Through For a breathtaking visual effect, try combining the above coatings. A strike-through dull varnish can be combined with flood gloss UV or flood gloss Aqueous to make specific elements of your page really "pop."
Learn more about our Specialty Coatings and why UV Inks are in high demand.
Coating Quick Tips
  • The above inks and coatings are all printed and applied on press. Printco also offers film laminate - applied after printing and available in various thicknesses. Ideal for highest usage print material.
  • Always choose a coated stock; uncoated stock will absorb the coating.
  • The minimum paper weight when using aqueous or UV coatings is 100# text weight.
  • Consider the printed piece's use. Coating can add durability.
  • Metallic ink must have a coating, but that can change the look of the ink. Consult a Pantone® swatch book for examples.
  • Need to be able to write on the finished product? Choose dull aqueous or varnish for best results.
  • When designing for spot coatings, use labeled layers in spot colors to denote where spot coatings should be.
  • Using a Pantone® color? Be sure to indicate both the color's number and name (for example: PMS 3145 Turquoise).
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